“An Environment to Thrive.”

A place to connect, collaborate, and cultivate growth.


Cultivated Synergy is more than just a workspace; it’s a dynamic community of knowledgeable, creative, experienced, and friendly entrepreneurs. We roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with our members to accelerate their business. We continually strive to create an atmosphere mixing the freshest ideas and taking an objective-based approach to redefine engagement and help cannabis companies grow within the industry.

Whether you’re a startup looking to establish your brand and develop a sustainable business model, or an established company looking to increase market share, Cultivated Synergy is here to help. Our dynamic programs focus on helping businesses by providing knowledge, education, networking, and opportunities for acceleration. We place a strong emphasis on our community and network, and are here to work with and help you.


Our collaborative workspace provides options for Shared Co-Working, Dedicated Desk Space, and Private Offices. With an emphasis on the community, we provide our members an affordable and desirable space to work, develop their business, build their network, and find new ways to engage their market. Members collaborate and continually have the opportunity to engage with other business founders, designers, investors, and all different manner of the workforce.

Shared knowledge is an invaluable asset in a co-working environment. As a member you receive access to Cultivated Synergy’s extensive network, which extends to every corner of this industry. Our team is always willing to make ourselves available to consult with individual companies. This allows us to stay up-to-date with everyone’s individual developments and plug-in where we may be able to add value.

Conference Room Reservations

At Cultivated Synergy we welcome and encourage you to invite your clients and guests to the space for meetings. To complete your booking process, please access your Member Dashboard and click the “Conference Room” button to access your reservation portal. Contact us if you have any questions or need special accommodations.

If the conference rooms are not reserved they operate on a first come, first serve basis. If you plan on using one of the Conference Rooms event in the instance the space is not booked upon you needing it, we ask that you please still make an “on the spot” reservation through your Member Dashboard for your desired time. *Please note, confirmed Conference Room Reservations will receive priority in accordance with the Member Dashboard schedule. In the instance you are still in a Conference Room when the next scheduled meeting arrives, please respect their reservation and allow them access as soon as possible.

Member to Member & Partner Discounted Services

At Cultivated Synergy, we believe in looking out for each other and working together to create a vibe among our Members unlike any co-working space. We offer a variety of additional services, as needed, through strategic partnerships vetted for quality and experience. We also encourage our Members to provide discounted services to other Members within our space. We believe these discounts between Members add value to our community, and make us different than any other workspace. Click here for a complete list of Member to Member Discounts.  If you have any specific needs, please let us know. We can connect you with other Members in order to help your business succeed.

Reception Services

At the reception desk, a Cultivated Synergy Team Member will be able to help you with the following:

  • Member resources and engagement
  • Cultivated Synergy events and event rental resources
  • Scheduling needs
  • Guest and new Member information
  • Directing your guests upon entry
  • Providing information about other members companies, if needed
  • Collect Mail on your behalf

Mail Services

As a Member of Cultivated Synergy, you are welcome to use the business address to conduct business. The registered address is 2901 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205. All Mail is hand delivered upon its arrival if you are in the facility. If you are not present when the mail arrives, a notification email is sent to you to ensure you are aware of your delivery.

Print, Scan & Copy Services

Print, scan, and copy services are available to all Open Desk, Reserved Desk, and Private Office Members. To connect with our Brother HL-L2395DW printer, please reference the directions located on the side of the printer. If further assistance is needed please contact a Cultivated Synergy Team Member.

Membership Hours

  1. On-The-Go Members: Monday- Thursday: 9am- 5pm Friday: 9am- 4pm
  2. Shared Space Members: Monday- Thursday: 9am- 5pm Friday: 9am- 4pm
  3. Pursuit & Venture Members: Monday- Thursday: 9am- 5pm Friday: 9am- 4pm
  4. Reserved Desk: 24/7 Access** (Excluding access during private event rentals.)
  5. Private Office: 24/7 Access** (Excluding access during private event rentals.)

Kitchen Access

The kitchen is available for Shared Space, Reserved Desk and Private Office Members use during co-working hours. Please feel free to use any of the appliances and cookware provided. We ask that you please clean all items used immediately following use so they are available for other members. Please place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and waste in the proper receptacles. Thank you!

The refrigerators are available for Members to utilize for food and drinks during the week. We ask that you label all items placed in the refrigerator with your name and date using the permanent marker provided inside the refrigerator door. Please note, all outdated and unnamed items in the refrigerator will be removed every Friday.

Venue Rental Discount

As a Member of the Cultivated Synergy Family you receive an exclusive discount on our venue rental rates. Discounts offered by Membership Level are outlined below:

  • Private Office Members: 20-35% (varies by office) off venue rental rates.
  • Pursuit & Venture Members: 10-15% (varies by team) off venue rental rates.
  • Reserved Desk Members: 10% off venue rental rates.
  • Shared Space Members: 5% off venue rental rates.

For event ideas, available dates and booking, please contact Cecile.


Members have the opportunity to plug into Cultivated Synergy events to creatively engage consumers & businesses alike. Whether your business is looking to tap into the consumer market or a B2B networking event, we never have a shortage of opportunities of which to take advantage. Our engaging and innovative events provide and ensure the opportunity for networking, education, and industry involvement for our members, the industry, and the general public.

 We always have multiple opportunities brewing for participation, and are nationally known for our events, classes, and seminars. We also are the host of many industry events for influential businesses and nonprofits leading the industry today. Our direct, self-generated network is one of the largest in the industry and a resource to members and businesses.

Member Exclusive Events

Part of being a Cultivated Synergy Member means gaining exclusive access to Member-Only events. We offer these unique opportunities to not only bring together our family, but also our neighborhood community. We provide a network of industry insiders, as well as local connections, to offer our members the most opportunity within and surrounding Cultivated Synergy.

Member Lunches

One day every month from 11:30 am- 1:00 pm we invite our Members and their selected guests to join us for lunch provided by Cultivated Synergy. As a Member, you receive exclusive guest passes for colleagues, clients, or other connections you would like to treat. Guest Passes vary by Membership Level as follows; On-The-Go: Zero (0); Shared Space: Zero(0); Pursuit: Zero(0); Venture: Zero (0); Reserved Desk: One(1); Private Office: Two(2). 

We please ask that you email Sarah with the names of your guests the Monday prior to Member Lunch to ensure that we are prepared for your guests. Feel free to let us know about any food requests, suggestions, or diet limitations in advance!

Cookie Time

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies will be available every other Wednesday for Members who are working out of the office on those days.

Member Music

Want to hear your favorite song? Don’t like the music that is currently playing while you’re at the office? Add to our Collaborative Playlist on Spotify and get your jam played during the work week!

Member Outings

We try our best to bring together our Members for exclusive member outings at least once a quarter. Whether it’s catching a beer after work, or heading over to Coors Field for a baseball game, we want to bring together our members outside the office and give them time to mingle with each other in a different setting.

Synergy Seminars

Get educated on a variety of cannabis-friendly business topics and discover new ways to succeed in all aspects of the industry! Synergy Seminars are a great way to learn more about trends in the industry, engage in interactive learning sessions, and grow your business along the way. We bring in a variety of presenters to help guide you through different topics that you’ll want to learn about in a 90-minute session. Check the Events Schedule to see when our next Synergy Seminar will be!

Have a topic that you’d like to share? Fill out the Synergy Seminar Host Questionnaire to be considered!

Sanity Sesh

Sometimes it’s hard to take a step back from what you’re working on and look at the bigger picture. We get it, life is tough and can get in the way. That’s why we introduced the Sanity Sesh. On Sanity Sesh days, we shut our doors to the public at 4 pm but staying open until closing time for a member smoke & brainstorming sesh! Starting at 4:20 pm, members are allowed to toke up and get work done! We’re offering our members an opportunity to open your minds in a different environment than what we’re used to around the office. We will inform you when Sanity Sesh days will be. *Please note: there is absolutely NO SMOKING allowed during business hours (Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm) unless otherwise noted. 

RiNo Synergy Neighborhood Program

The RiNo Synergy Neighborhood Card is designed to link local organizations, businesses and patrons in a mutually progressive manner within the River North District of Denver. The Rino Synergy Neighborhood Card enables access to an exclusive directory deals, discounts, and perks to local RiNo businesses & organizations for card holders. All Cultivated Synergy Members will receive a RiNo Synergy Card upon starting their membership. This card enables you to the discounts from our surrounding partner businesses listed here. We ask that Members return the card upon the termination of their membership. Please contact Sarah with any questions you may have regarding the program.

Guest Passes

Guest passes are available for Member Exclusive Events. Guests must be registered at least 3 days ahead of a Member Exclusive Event in order to attend. We’ve noticed these Member Exclusive Events are the perfect way to break the ice with a new client, impress an important business professional, or close a deal you’ve been working for months. To register your guests, or for more information, please reach out to Sarah.

Industry Partner Organizations Event Inclusion

We partner with the industry’s best organizations and business groups to expose our members to the leaders in cannabis, hemp and ancillary spheres.

Networking and educational events co-hosted with prominent industry associations in both cannabis and hemp to provide monthly events featuring the best content, expertise, and interactions available.

As a Member of Cultivated Synergy, you receive complimentary access to all partner organizations’ networking events hosted at Cultivated Synergy. This includes regularly scheduled events hosted by Denver NORML, Cannabis Marketing Association and MJBA Denver, as well as seasonal events hosted by NCIA, NHA and IHRF.

Cultivated Synergy Events Access

Events are an integral part of our mission at Cultivated Synergy. They offer you a chance to learn, share, network, and get reinvigorated for the challenging road ahead. We host a variety of events and classes, including our weekly Bend & Blaze yoga classes and our Budtender Appreciation Night.

As a Member, you receive complimentary access to most events and exclusive discounts on premium ticketed events. For exclusive discounts and inquiries about registering guests, please contact Sarah.

Complimentary events include:

Exclusive discounts available for:

Facility Brand Exposure & Inclusion

By joining our community, businesses tap into a variety of outlets aimed at enhancing their brand exposure. Through both Co-Working and Member Events, your brand will be exposed to thousands of people belonging to various consumer and business demographics. You will be provided the opportunity to integrate into various monthly events as a supporter, have the option to place signage and displays within the facility, and be included in our various avenues of digital media marketing to drive reach and engagement.

At Cultivated Synergy, we make every effort to have your brand seen and increase your exposure. Brand exposure differs by membership package and is outlined below:

Member Sponsorship Discount

As a Member of the Cultivated Synergy Family you receive an exclusive discount on our sponsorship opportunities. Discounts offered by Membership Level are outlined below:

  • Private Office Members: 25% (varies by office & time of year) off
  • Pursuit & Venture Members: 15% (varies by team) off
  • Reserved Desk Members: 15% off
  • Shared Space Members: 5% off

To get involved in our events as a sponsor, please contact Max.


Consistent with the emphasis of building community, business development services are provided in-house, as well as through an external group of business experts and strategic partners. We offer a variety of services designed to inspire innovation and enhance growth, including: consultation services, seminars, workshops, distribution, classes, and sales generation. The focus is to help businesses stand out from their competition by integrating fresh ideas, enhancing marketing efforts, and facilitating other forms of development and growth.

The first thing we do is work with you to understand your foundation and goals to know exactly where your company is at and what it needs to achieve its next steps. We work with you to specifically and strategically identify & address your needs in the most effective and efficient way possible. By taking the time to thoroughly learn about your business, its products/services, and customers as if they are our own , we are able to provide guidance and become an extension of your team’s efforts. Our goal is your long-term growth.

We utilize the collective experience and expertise of our team as well as strategic partners, with some of the strongest track records in the industry.  We learn your business inside-out, address strengths and weaknesses, and help manage the development of your company in a way that lowers costs, mitigates risk, and is effective and efficient.

Member Led Venue Donations

Pursuit, Venture, Reserved Desk, and Private Office Members are invited to apply for a Member Led Venue Donation to host a small Member-Led event at our venue. This member exclusive benefit is designed to allow our Members to host educational, informative, or networking gatherings without the chaos of a full blown event.

Perfect for:

  • Seminars
  • Panel Discussions
  • Professional Meetings
  • B2B Workshops
  • Cooking Demos

Interested in hosting a Member Led Event? Please reach out to Sarah for more information today!

Growth Consultations

Pursuit, Venture, Reserved Desk, andPrivate Office Members are offered a monthly consultation with the Founders and/or Directors of Cultivated Synergy to discuss current goals and how we can help. This is a chance for us to offer Members help getting ahead of challenges, building strategic relationships, and capitalizing on opportunities. This time is focused solely on the Member’s business and allows us to gather insight on your current position to offer unique approaches to achieving short-term and long-term growth goals.

Combined knowledge and positioning among our team within the cannabis and hemp industries can be utilized to help you with the following:

  • Building your network and relationships.
  • Facilitating important introductions.
  • Market strategy and penetration.
  • Strategic planning and implementation.

To schedule a growth consultation, please visit your Member Dashboard and click the Growth Consultations button. From there you will log into you account, click reservations, and choose your desired date and time under the Growth Consultation availability.

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to the Community Manager for all additional inquires. Thank you!

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