Memorandum of Understanding

Cultivated Synergy works hard to create a comfortable and productive work setting for all members and guests, and it shall remain an essential duty for all members to ensure it remains that way.  We strive to foster a workspace that provides an experience that is both engaging and synergistic, as well as highly focused.

Members are a crucial component to the function of our space so it is imperative that together, we have a positive impact on those we share space with by being respectful and courteous. It is essential for all members to ensure that productivity and positivity are at the core of daily interactions.

Member Code of Conduct

1. Be friendly and courteous to other members. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Please be nice and helpful to each other, guests and visitors. If you’re not, we will warn you and you’ll have 30 days to shape up.

2. Believe in the power & value of co-working. Introduce yourself and connect with your community. Have fun, work hard, and participate. Do your part to promote a positive, pleasant, productive experience, every day. Be supportive of Cultivated Synergy and your fellow members because together we are more successful! What you put in, you get back.

3. Respect the space. Please clean up after yourself, especially in the communal spaces after use. We appreciate you keeping your workspace tidy as it represents us as a company and community as a whole. Be mindful to clean out old items in the fridge and take care of your dishes.

4. Mind your noise level. Be aware of your noise and its potential impact on others working around you. We ask you use headphones if you want to listen to music. Be mindful of members around you when you receive calls. Feel free to utilize unused conference rooms or step away before proceeding. Thank you for being courteous!

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Return. Use products with care. Recycle paper and plastics in blue bins. Don’t be wasteful of office supplies, resources, or energy. Return what you use and use only what you’re allowed.

6. Be honest. We trust you. Adhere to the specific hours of operation for your membership and respect the areas of private access in the building at all times. Do not touch other member’s personal property or take supplies home. Theft and damages will be taken very seriously. We are not liable for any lost or damaged items, ever. We highly recommend obtaining renters insurance as things can walk out of co-working spaces easily. Like most things, we ask you to act responsibly and do what’s right.

7. Observe confidentiality. Keep your information and those of our guests and members private. Do not inappropriately share, reproduce, or use information or materials of others.

8. Pay your bills. You agree to pay a monthly membership in a timely manner. Auto pay makes this easy. Please note: invoices will inquire a $25 late fee if not paid by the 5th of the month.

9. Make this your workplace not your home. Please no sleeping, showering, or storing in Cultivated Synergy. This is your workspace and is for business use only.

10. Be accountable for your actions and of those of your guests. Should any action or inaction by you or any guests you invite cause harm or damage, you agree to own up to it and cover any related costs.

11. Use the space as it is intended.  Avoid using the facility in connection with unprofessional tactics such as:

  • Pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk email, spamming, or similarly annoying behavior.
  • Defaming, abusing, harassing, or threatening others.
  • Marketing, pitching, or promoting your business (or your kids fundraiser) to people trying to work.
  • Posting or distributing inappropriate, profane, defamatory, or indecent materials or information

12. Keep Cultivated Synergy safe. Never share facility keys or codes with anyone, ever. Keep our network safe too. Do not upload or use files that have viruses that may damage network, computers or other equipment. Address anything that could be a safety hazard and let us know if you think something needs repair.

13. Obey the law. You agree not to use Cultivated Synergy for any purpose that is unlawful, prohibited or otherwise frowned upon by society, including doing anything that would damage, disable, or impair any property of Cultivated Synergy or worse, the members themselves. Illegal and inappropriate activity will result in removal from the facility without notice.

14. Consume responsibly and at your own risk. Cultivated Synergy has no liability for illness, accidents, or any incident that results from your consumption of any substance of any kind. Take care of yourself and other and call a cab if you feel unsafe to drive – we can always help with this as well! Please remember to respect the professional workspace and not consume inside during unapproved times. We will make approved times very clear. Please dispose of cigarette butts in the proper receptacles.

15. Know the rules and ask questions. Keep up with the guidelines and ask questions when in doubt. The rules can change on short notice so stay on top of expectations.

Please note: If your workspace is in a mezzanine area, please remember to keep the mezzanine access doors locked behind you. Reserved Desk and Private Office Members: When accessing the facility and your office on weekends or outside of business hours, please turn off all lights & lock the front black door behind you. This is really important to keep our building safe & secure!


Workspace Hours

  • On-The-Go & Shared Space Members:
    Monday- Thursday: 9:00am- 5:00pm
    Friday: 9:00am – 4:00pm
  • Reserved Desk & Private Office:
    24/7 Access** (Excluding access during private event rentals.)

Guest Policy

We welcome guests and love to have them visit the space! We ask that for times when you have guests, that you please book a conference room. Use your judgement on what an appropriate amount of guests is at one time, especially during working hours. You and your guests are a representation of both yourself, as well as of Cultivated Synergy. Thanks!

Accessing the Building & Lights

Private Office Members: Upon your welcome tour, you received a set of keys and shown all of the facility lighting necessary for your use. We ask that you please not share or copy these keys with or for anyone other than you and team members, if applicable. In the instance a key is lost, please notify a Cultivated Synergy team member and we will replace it as soon as possible.

If you are the last member to leave your area, please turn off all the lights in an effort to conserve energy. Reserved Desk and Private Office Members have 24/7 access to the facility (with the exception of private events) and will be given a key code for the side front door. Please follow the below instructions for locking and unlocking the side door:

To Lock

1.     Press the Schlage Button
2.    Rotate the thumb-turn away from the hinges until you hear it lock

*If the Turn Lock feature is disabled, a valid User Code must be entered to lock the door.

To Unlock

*If lighting is low, press the Schlage button to illuminate the keypad before beginning.

1.    Enter a User Code into the keypad –> Rotate the thumb-turn toward the hinges until you hear it unlock

Event Sign-Up Procedures

One of the many perks of being a member at Cultivated Synergy, is access to the events we put on. Events include, but are not limited to, the following: Bend & Blaze Yoga, Dab & Dine, Budtender Appreciation Night, THC Career Fair, and Cannabis Buyer’s Club. No need to register for these events-we will handle that for you! Guests must be registered for events, please contact Sarah or a Cultivated Synergy team member to see if your membership package allows for guests, and to get them registered.

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